Inside Israel


With so much bad news, I try to keep my thoughts on good news. As you have probably heard, things are escalating here on the borders of Israel. I have included a map of missile ranges below for you to view the cities under attack.  I am based on the west side of Jerusalem, currently out of range and the good news is millions have been spared injury or death so far.
More good news is Israel military is somewhat prepared. The Iron Dome anti-missile system is working and destroying about 1/4 of the missiles being sent over. Thank goodness the Israeli spokesmen are in the media shouting the truth - we don't want war or fighting but must defend ourselves.
We are so grateful for the millions of Intercessors around the world - lifting up military soldiers/leaders, civilian populations on both sides and even praying for the poor Arab peoples in Gaza and West Bank cities who are pawns and victims of corrupt terrorist leaders promoting Islam (only 2% Christian in West Bank and even less in Gaza). It might be good to even include the 1 million Arabs living inside Israel borders, as they often riot during these times.
On the west, the cities that border Israel to Gaza are being blasted with rockets and for the first time EVER a few fell in the suburbs of Tel Aviv yesterday such as Rishon Lezion. Tel Aviv spans miles out and is our largest city of 2.5 million and financial/high tech hub. People are alarmed nationwide as 30,000 reserve young men were called to report to certain military bases last night. We also have some disturbing attacks on the east border with Syria as shots have been fired into Israel all week - for the first time in 6 years.
Hamas Rocket Ranges
What is often not mentioned is the war within the West Bank among precious Arabs - a civil war between the two political parties of HAMAS and FATAH. Hamas wants the Fatah leaders (M. Ammas) out of power and that would create new elections and opportunity for Hamas to rule other territories (population 4 million) other than simply Gaza Strip area (1 million). IF you want inside understanding of the complete picture look for news within the West Bank.
We ask for all the believing soldiers in service and reserve, to be covered in prayer. That includes children of pastors, ministry and marketplace leaders, kids from the following families, Boskey, Intrater, Neibur, Lazarus, Jelski, and hundreds of others. Right now about 50,000 Israeli soldiers are in action - both women and men, several hundred are from believing families. On the Palestinian side in Gaza we don't think any Arab Christians would be allowed in military - this is an Islamic driven attack.
I am becoming more grateful for simple things as the world is becoming more complicated and dangerous. I bet you are the same way.  The Lord is so kind to stir many to pray for Israel and we're feeling the results of that prayer. Thank you for even reading this and supporting me here.
Living in the Middle East where governments are overthrown in a night or among continuous wars, I am grateful for more time where our ministries can grow and young believers can mature into leaders.  We have been in a state of preparedness for war getting supplies, gas masks, and asking for training  although we are grossly undersupplied.  People are openly talking about it, which is a change among Israeli society.
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