Freedom Ministry

From the day we are born, we experience life and all it has along the way.  Sometime we have great and wonderful experiences and relationships, and often times we are faced with difficulties and challenges - in our relationship with others as well as in our day to day activities.  As we go through life, events and people shape our belief system and affect our perception of Father God (Yahweh).  These events can leave us feeling like we are drifting aimlessly along, feeling alone and empty, frustrated so we react in hurtful ways toward others, blaming God, and doing things that put us in dangerous positions.  We want to stop the vicious cycle but we don't know how so we find ourselves feeling tired, defeated, and depressed. 
We have good news for you - there is help.  Our Freedom Ministry team is here to help you find your foundation, to help you break free from the ungodly beliefs that you have agreed with, and help you get re-established and restored to your loving Father. 


What is Freedom Ministry?

Solomon's Rest Freedom Ministry is a Christ-centered, inner healing prayer ministry.  The goal is to set individuals free from the emotional and spiritual prison they have found themselves bound in.  Through a personal prayer session, the captives are set free and brought back into an intimate relationship with the glorious Bridegroom King - Jesus Christ (Yeshua).  The main purpose of the Freedom Ministry is to seek out and free individuals from those things that get in the way of an intimate personal connection with their Father in heaven.  This Freedom Ministry is NOT a counseling session.  It is an inner healing prayer ministry.  


How Long Will A Session Last?

In the Freedom Ministry session, the individual and ministry team members partner with God to bring forth fulfillment of His plan for their lives.  A session can last about 2 hours and is by appointment only. 


Who Is Included In A Session? 

A personal prayer session consists of Freedom Ministry team members, usually 3 members, plus the individual. The team typically consists of men ministering with men, and women ministering with women.



What Happens In A Session? 

During the session, issues that need to be addressed are covered in prayer as the ministry team members lead the individual through prayers of forgiveness and repentance. As Father God touches the individual, the anger, fear, and the lies that have bound up the individual are addressed. The session is not about exposing our sins or about humiliating us, but rather it is a confidential session with the primary goal of restoration - spiritual, emotional, and physical.

How Do I Schedule A Session? 
To schedule a Freedom Ministry personal prayer session, simply use the Freedom Ministry Application/Request form below.
Or, please call Solomon's Rest: 701.258.5474 and leave a message. Someone will contact you to help you get started!
What is Stopping You?
Today is your day! It is time for you to get set free and be restored to Yahweh, the Father who loves you. We encourage you to make an appointment to get back on track and become the person your Heavenly Father intended you to be, to walk the life your Father planned for you from the beginning.
Please note:  This Freedom Ministry is NOT a counseling session.  It is an inner healing prayer ministry. 
Use our "Fill-In" Forms today to request your session!  We would appreciate it if you would complete the Applicaton & applicable Liability Relase forms listed below.  We have tried to make this easier for you by creating these forms as "fill-in" forms.  This means that if you want to enter information for each question right now from your comptuer, you may do so.  Simply type the information, use the tab key to move from line to line, print out the form and mail it to: Solomon's Rest - Freedom Ministry, 703 N 5th St, Bismarck, ND 58501.  God bless you!
   Freedom Ministry Liability Release Form For Minor  (This form is to be used for minors/individuals under 18 years of age who are desiring a Freedom Ministry session)
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